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Started in 2019, GO ZERO offers better sorting and collection for plastic bottles in Belgium. We install reverse vending machines in areas of high consumption (supermarkets, offices, football stadiums, schools, etc.) to collect a clean stream of used bottles. By offering a reward, we incentivise users and create value for used bottles that previously were considered worthless.

We work with waste authorities to ensure that the collected bottles are sent to recycling facilities across the border where every bottle is recycled back into a new bottle – closing the loop. By scanning and authenticating each bottle, we ensure the process is traceable and transparent. Working alongside research institutes, we are able to continuously test and improve the quality of the waste collected through our system.

We want to bring together local companies, supermarkets, citizens and recyclers to work on a better solution for single-use plastic packaging.

Luitenant Naeyaertplein 25
2140 Antwerpen

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