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We are building a network of reverse vending machines for single-use PET bottles. These used bottles are collected and recycled back into new bottles.

Why do we need a new collection system?
1. According to OVAM, we use more than 1.2 billion PET bottles every year in Flanders.
2. OVAM’s sorting analysis also shows that only 2 in 3 bottles are collected.
3. Most used bottles are ‘down’-cycled into products that cannot be recycled again (Recover).

Why reverse vending machines?

Higher collection rate ➡ less street litter and less incineration of plastic waste

Circular recycling ➡ prolonging the life of single-use plastics

Rewards system ➡ rewarding people for doing the right thing

How does it work? It’s easy:

1. Deposit a used bottle into a machine near you 💡

2. You get a reward 😀

3. We make sure the used bottle is recycled back into a new bottle 😎

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We believe with better sorting and collection systems, we can move towards a ZERO waste economy

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